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Improving our community, powered by neighbors.

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Neighbors Investing a Little of Their Time
to Effect Big Change in our Community

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Mission:
We are all in this together. Neighbor-to-Neighbor was founded with the intention of bringing neighbors together to affect positive change in The Townes at Mountain Park Ranch.

Our Goals:
• Create a neighborly culture
• Inform homeowners of community news—good, bad, and ugly
• Educate homeowners about electing qualified board representatives
• Educate homeowners about our governing documents
• Create a collective voice
• Empower and support homeowners
• Mobilize homeowners to stand up and act
• Hold the board accountable for fiduciary duties, responsible management, and good stewardship


Downloadable Quick Reference Guide to contacting Arizona government officials.

Download the quick reference guide to contacting your government officials. Our state and federal lawmakers read a lot, and they can’t read our minds. It is up to us to communicate with them. N2N’s contact information round-up is convenient and easy to print, and post. It makes being good citizens a little easier.


Poison found lying on ground image.

Caution. Somebody placed poison on the ground in our neigborhood. It was found Jan. 28, 2017. Authorities have been alerted.


Mountain Park Ranch Newsletter thumbnail image

Download the Mountain Park Ranch Newsletter. It contains seasonal, master HOA updates pertinent to its members, including us, owners in The Townes. Other newsletter content includes office hours and financial data.

CCMR ballot package image

Why did Townes homeowners receive ballots for Cachet at McDowell Mountain Ranch’s, (CMMR) election? It makes one wonder:

• Did CMMR and/or other non-Townes homeowners receive ballots to vote in our community’s elections? We voted by USPS, twice recently to raise assessments.
• How will this effect CMMR’s election?
• Why has an additional three digit number been added to the same line as the homeowner’s Tri-City Property Management, (TCPM) account number?
• How can we trust The Townes elections results?

Election irregularities, (including influencing) were exposed during the 2014 Townes HOA board election. Seated board member/Nominating Committee Chairwoman admitted during an HOA meeting, that, (using data provided by TCPM) she contacted Townes homeowners individually, by email and telephone, urging them to vote for specific candidates.

One candidate/homeowner’s call for a clean election was ignored by the HOA.


Demand Performance flier

The Demand Performance flier contains facts and observations about The Townes HOA’s spending. It was compiled from the most recent financial report available at the time it was written.

For 2016, homeowners paid $1980 to The Townes HOA. We paid an additional $300 to the Mountain Park Ranch master homeowner association. Both HOAs mandate membership to own our property.

Are we getting our money’s worth? It is up to us, homeowners to be factually informed.


View the Down the Drain video on YouTube
Neighbor-to-Neighbor has a new YouTube channel featuring our first video that everybody should watch. This 2:38, (two minutes, 38 seconds) video encapsulates water consumption practices in The Townes at Mountain Park Ranch. Is it reasonable that N2N wants to reduce our watering expenses? What do you think?


N2N Wake Up! flyer image

Download the Wake Up! Flier
Introducing the Wake Up! flier. It features articles on HOA Board decisions and how those decisions affect The Townes at Mountain Park Ranch’s finances and our future. It shines light on concerns from assessment and master insurance premium increases and additions, to how our money is spent–and misspent. It also conveys the importance of homeowner engagement and provides insight through examples about the consequences of blindly trusting the HOA to take care of important business. The flier also suggests qualities and qualifications needed to serve on the The Townes Board and calls for candidates.


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Unofficial: The Townes at Moutain Park Ranch
Please like, follow us, and join the discussion on Facebook.


The Townes at Mountain Park Ranch Landscape restoration History Report image

Download The Townes Landscape Restoration History Report

A Detailed History & Facts About the Landscape Restoration Plan
The first edition of this report was provided to attendees at the Oct. 19, 2015 HOA meeting. Updates and refinements are included in this edition. Many homeowners in The Townes at Mountain Park Ranch are unfamiliar with the background about our landscaping. Disinformation about the Landscape Restoration Plan has circulated throughout the community. Please read this fact-based timeline. We hope you find it insightful.


The Townes at Mountain Park Ranch Informational flyer image

Download the Informational Flier
Featuring articles on homeowner responsibilty, roof replacement, and landscaping issues.


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