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SAFC logo


Safeguarding Your Personal Information
Provides education and training to the mortgage lending industry

The SAFC, (pronounced safe sea) logo on your mortgage loan professional’s collateral, inspires confidence. It conveys they have been trained and certified in keeping your data safe.

Education tools, training, and certification services are provided by its parent company, National Consumer Reporting Association.

Preventing identity theft and fraud before it starts—that’s the proactive SAFC way.


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Donnan LTD. and DonnanCharitable Foundation logo


Donnan LTD & Donnan Charitable Foundation, Inc.
An Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist

A successful entrepreneur operates an investment firm and a charitable foundation.

Keeping it together—beneath a single roof—and apart. How?

The Donnan swirl celebrating both a playful spirit and a tribal sense of community, to stamp on everything.


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BrewHaHa logo


Spring BrewHaHa
Annual Community Fund-Raiser

An annual community fund-raiser gone bad. Over-imbibing guests raise too many glasses raising money for charity.

Footing, face, and local support have dwindled. The brouhaha needed taken out of the BrewHaHa.

Sometimes you start over. A simple line drawing and a sturdy font replace a drunken donkey. An old event gets a new face—an extreme makeover—a new logo, a responsible new image.



Palm tree and skyline sihouetted by vivid yellow, orange, pink, and blue cloudy sunset sky


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2Talents logo


2Talents Venture Management, LLC
Entrepreneurial Start-Up

Smart, strong, can do individuals with big time track records band together in a venture management firm—a single source solution for bringing growth companies and investors together. They needed a logo that exemplifed their combined strengths and skills.

Something subtle, a cornerstone marker hinting at staking out territory—a venture management team on top of their game. There’s no mountain too high. Two flags mark the spot. One for equity building, one for business plan execution. Simple.


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Windows IT Network logo


Windows Information Technology Network
Publisher, Print and Electronic IT Magazines, Newsletters, and Forums

Make the invisible visible. Sixty industry publications produced by a single company, not a publisher in sight. No identity to call its own.

A pronounced two tier logotype with multiple use flexibility. The upper tier, an eye-shaped logo, the publisher’s mark.

When space is tight, use the mark only. When there’s space to spare, spread the parent company name out below.



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National Consumer Reporting Association logo


National Consumer Reporting Association
Represent consumer reporting agencies that
provide data to the housing industry

NCRA’s members provide crucial information for housing decisions, from credit reports, flood zone designations, and IRS tax transcripts to tenant and background screenings.

They gather A LOT of data. Convention matters.

Educating and Training: NCRA keeps its members’ boxes checked regarding statutes on the books and legislation in the hopper. Education tools to help prevent identity theft and fraud, along with end-user testing and certifications wrap up their value.