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Guided by Design Principles

The EDGE Mission:
EDGE Communication by Design was founded with the intention of providing unparalleled visual communication strategies and solutions to clients who care about the brand image they project.

The EDGE Goal:
There is more to Graphic Design than meets the eye. There is the demand that it be more than pretty. There is the demand that it clearly communicates the client’s intended message.

The EDGE goal is to deliver boundary pushing visual platforms that raise our client’s image and elevates their brand to new audience awareness plateaus.

The EDGE Promise:
As your communication partner, EDGE will develop and execute visual solutions that reflect the spirit of your organization while delivering crisp, powerful messages that clearly articulate your goals.

The EDGE Commitment:
• To break new ground in conceptual design and typography
• To precisely execute visual branding strategies and solutions
• To connect clients with customers


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