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Art for Conservation

Project Information Website
for Development-Stage INGO

Art for Conservation

A paper maché cottage industry, development project aimed at combating both the cause and the effect of continued, unchecked, and unsustainable living practices—as well as the poaching of endangered species—in the region of Bandhavgarh National Park.

A wildlife sanctuary in the central Indian state of Madya Pradesh, is losing ground, literally, in the fight to preserve critical natural habitats. Its high density population of wild tigers, including the elusive white tiger, is at stake. So is the human quality of life.

Poverty: Widespread, grinding, and rampant amongst forest dwelling peoples forced to claim the tiger’s natural habitat for cultivation, livestock grazing, fuel, and fencing, is driving the deforestation.

ImprovingOurWorld.info: The online communication vehicle supporting Art for Conservation, informs a concerned global audience. The purpose, raising awareness and seeking funding sources.


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Introductory Website for
Emerging Management Firm

2Talents Venture Management, LLC

A savvy group of business professionals bring together well-versed executives, investment capital, and high growth potential companies. Purpose—to foster entrepreneurial development and fund, manage, and build strong, sustainable, business enterprises that spur economic vitality.

2TalentsVM.com: A minimalist, get to know us website provides the basics—who, what, why. Graphic elements put a sharpie to an energetic, forward looking, forward thinking, get down to business, business model. Visitors make eye contact with essential structure, growth, process, flow, and organizational planning components.


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The Townes at Mountain Park Ranch Web site

Smart and Beautiful
The Townes at Mountain Park Ranch,
Community Website

Experienced web user? Novice? It doesn’t matter. This community website is user friendly for all. Those in a hurry can use the site map for a quick find. Others who like to meander, appreciate the smart organization and photos that showcase the beautiful community. Simply functional.


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Exceptional Women

From India: Exceptional Women,
Exceptional Stories

L3/Womens’ Vision Foundation Presentation

A collaborative, inspirational slide show created by EDGE and RSteele, LLC.

Powerful pictures from India provide a visual montage of daily life on one of Earth’s most populous continents.

Four Exceptional Women: Through personal strength and stamina, courage and wisdom, they exemplify the power of the individual to affect fundamental change in their immediate environment.

Dianne Aigaki:
Botanical illustrator—Teacher, Mentor, Humanitarian.

Sister Celia and her Nuns:
Educators—Serving the poorest of the poor.

Ani Tenzin Palmo:
Womens’ advocate—Highly regarded spiritual leader, Founder of Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery.

Sonam Yangchen:
Tibetan refugee—Emerging entrepreneur—Independent seamstress.

The Common Denominator: Their unwavering commitment to vocational service, to making a difference, to doing what they can to make the world a better place.

Message: You can too.

From India: Exceptional Women, Exceptional Stories .pdf (2.4mb)

Note: Dianne Aigaki passed away and is remembered as an exceptional woman who made a difference for many.

Tibetan Blue Poppy Botanical Illustration: Dianne Aigaki

  Tibetan blue poppy image


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FCEBC site

Business Services Provider Website
Fort Collins Executive Business Center

A premier executive suite provider catering to the private office, day office, conference room, lounge, and virtual office needs of both small home based businesses and large multi-national corporations.

FCEBC website: A professional, thoroughly modern, visually appealing, virtual canvas showcasing handsomely appointed brick and mortar facilities. Prospective clients easily visualize themselves conducting daily business in these surroundings.

A comprehensive, interactive site. It’s up to date and practical, including customer updatable content modules, conference room scheduling, and a virtual plethora of other professional service functions.


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VT site

Virtual Tour of Branding Design Firm
EDGE Communication by Design

Specializing in upscale cornerstone design solutions on which to build bold, new, corporate branding strategies.

Think-edge.com: The name, a call to action, an invitation. MouseOver the panoramic image and begin rolling. From corner to corner, an animated, online virtual tour moves you through the entire studio. MouseOff and you stop, take a break, and a portfolio peek.

This award winning site showcases an uncommonly creative studio environment.


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