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Information at Hand, Palm Card
Green Party of Maricopa County, Ariz.

What’s not to love? An introductory, leave-behind, educational card created for volunteers pounding the pavement, canvassing neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and checking-in with amicable voters.

The practical card helps voters learn about Green Party positions, and candidates and how to sign up for the Permanant Early Voting List, (PEVL). Contact, web site, social media, and critical election deadline information rounds out its value.

Message: Get involved, educate yourself, vote!


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clean candidate logo image

Stamp-Like, Custom Logo Graphic
lifting words with a visual

We cannot change a corrupt election system by accepting its money. Few can claim to be an Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission, (CCEC) candidate. It’s a powerful position to occupy. It speaks volumes.

Linda Patterson is a clean candidate. Her campaign is free of big money interests that can adversely influence politics. It is funded only by small donations from individuals and limited funding from CCEC. Linda works for the People, only.

Message: Honest, hard-working people deserve honest, hard-working representation.


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Kids in Cages postcard image

Human Rights for All
Resistors group postcard

Reminder to our reps, “Use your power for good.”

We must end child detention, now. We are acting immorally when we mistreat asylees, including depriving them of flu shots and not preventing the spread of COVID-19. Research has revealed detained children suffer long-lasting psychological trauma. We can do better.

Message: Elected reps, hear our voice. Treat everybody with respect.


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Linda Patterson brochure mailer image

Reforming Election Finance by Example
Educational, tri-fold brochure mailer

Q. How does an Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission candidate reach voters during a global pandemic?

A. Connect with voters where they are—at home. Chunked, dialed-in content addressing voters’ top six concerns as part of an easy-to-consume presentation fits the purpose.

Precise planning and execution landed this brochure in voters’ mailboxes on the same day with ballots.

Message: It’s time for new vision and priorities. Vote clean candidate, Linda Patterson for Arizona State Senate.

Download the Meet Patterson .pdf, brochure mailer.


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boondoggle graphic image

Boomers Weighed-In
Proposal to amend City of Phoenix Charter

Years ago, a City of Phoenix Councilman demeaningly labeled the Light Rail transportation system a boondoggle. His Boomer fans clamoured, “we don’t want no stinkin’ boondoggles.” Even so, voters spoke multiple times in multiple elections, “We demand Light Rail.” Multiple lines were built and operating.

Then along comes Prop 105—funded by out of state oil industry money—the latest scheme to permanently end in-progress and future Light Rail projects. The same councilman, pushing for amendment, unconstitutionally blocked those with opposing views from commenting on his government, echo chamber Facebook page. Still, the graphic made its rounds on social media.

Voter confusion, in part led to defeat Prop 105. Honoring commitments to civil servants including first responders defeated Prop 106.

Message: Labels can have adverse effects.


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Postcartd image of Arizona Senators’ Kelly and Sinema names spelled using firearms

Who Will Stand for Life?
Resistors group postcards

No passes for United States Senators who sell-out our safety. Accepting money from the gun industry is unacceptable. So is inaction.

Bold graphics encourage our elected reps to act now, prevent mass murder.

Again, we cannot change a corrupt election system by accepting its money, and inaction is a choice.

Message: Elected reps, hear our voice. We want to be able to spell your names without guns.


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image map linked to  Meet Patterson brochure.